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3 Tips to Strengthen Mobile and Social Marketing Campaigns

Consumers aren’t the only ones increasingly relying on mobile devices and social platforms; marketers are too. Even with the support of digital advertising tools, it’s difficult to measure impact on sales with reliable accuracy. To truly understand attribution, or what drives the action of a prospect or customer in response to marketing messages, marketers can use these 3 things to strengthen mobile and social marketing campaigns.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: How to Measure Success Beyond the Click

High click-through and conversion rates are important metrics for your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign; however, do you know what happens after the click? Whether you are a marketer, agency or publisher—you’ve got to show the effectiveness of your campaigns. It’s critical to understand and measure the entire journey, and that includes every interaction and engagement beyond the click.

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4 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Ads

Marketers, agencies and publications are investing heavily in mobile ads and must ensure ads are mobile friendly. Poor ad placement and lackluster content can lead to ad blocking which reduces website traffic and customer engagement. A few tweaks to marketing content and activities, combined with the right technology, will optimize mobile ad placement and increase the return on investment.

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Programmatic Buying: How Successful Agencies Attack Marketing Trends

Technology is changing fast, and video is clearly playing a large role in today’s marketing strategies. However, brands are experiencing big challenges with programmatic ads, as well as the agencies, publishers and platforms on which videos and ads are being placed. Only ad agencies and publishers that stay ahead of evolving technology and marketing trends will successfully support the brands they serve.

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How to Strengthen Cross-Channel Personalization to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Like many businesses, you likely interact with customers across many channels, both online and offline. While many of today’s customers prefer to rely on mobile means, there are times when a phone call with a sales representative or customer services specialist is necessary. Regardless of how a customer contacts your team, is every customer getting the same level of attention across each and every channel?

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4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Generating High Traffic

Many businesses, including those in the media and entertainment industry, deploy a content marketing strategy with the hope and intent that it strengthens customer relationships just as much as it boosts profits. Content marketing is a valuable element of a strong marketing strategy; however, sometimes marketers dig deep and their efforts yield gold and sometimes they just find dirt. Why isn’t your content marketing generating the traffic you expected?

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How Technology is Changing Content Development and Delivery

Disruptions to marketing, combined with the evolution of technology, are changing the way marketers and advertisers create and share content. Effective marketing and branding efforts are evolving and audiences are moving onto new platforms, which means marketers need to move too. In this digital era, no one can possibly know what the next big advancement in tech will be or how to harness it successfully. What we do know is that changes are coming and you need to be as flexible as you can be to navigate these changes and remain relevant and profitable.

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Advertisers Taking Proactive Approach to Brand Safety and Accountability

Recent and ongoing concerns about programmatic or automated media buying is keeping advertisers up at night. Brand safety depends on transparency and accountability of media buying, as well as the relationships between agencies and publishers. To stay on top of the table and in full light, advertisers and partners are turning to technology to strengthen quality control and verification.

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Top 3 Ways to Scale Business and Drive Growth

Are you experiencing growth or planning for it? Like other companies in the media and entertainment industry, there is a lot of potential to scale business operations as more people spend time on mobile devices. Expanding marketing and branding efforts—whether that be social media, videos, or updated email marketing – can all be great ways to drive growth. However, before testing the waters, make sure you have some things in check first.

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Why a Successful Marketing Program Requires Teamwork and Technology

Marketing programs typically vary by industry, as well as business type and size. What every successful marketing program has in common is teamwork and technology. Whether you have a dedicated in-house marketing team, rely on outside expertise—or a combination of both—your people need to work together towards a common goal. In addition, your goals must be measurable. And that means you need modern marketing technology, such as an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

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