DynamicsADvantage works with Microsoft Dynamics solutions to facilitate the management of the unique billing and revenue calculation processes associated with all revenue streams specific to the Media and Entertainment Industry. DynamicsADvantage with Microsoft Dynamics improves productivity and gives publishing and broadcast executives the ability to make informed business decisions.

Offering a full suite solution, DynamicsADvantage works within Microsoft Dynamics solutions to give media companies the ability to manage, execute and report on their industry’s financial processes, such as forecasting, billing and revenue recognition; it provides the ability to manage advertising campaigns, tracking advertiser and agency relationships, billing and revenue schedules, production related information and contracts. DynamicsADvantage provides the framework to integrate different media platforms into a single environment to handle all your reporting, data analytics and financial processing needs. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, DynamicsADvantage offers a 360 degree view of your business that will improve customer relationships, make more efficient use of resources and provide better business insight.

Why DynamicsADvantage:

  • Bundle your print, online, linear and/or subscription services into one single order and one invoice, but handling their fulfillment and revenue data separately.
  • Leverage the only solution on the market today that works within Microsoft Dynamics to provide an end-end solution to improve sales, marketing and customer service processes, financial, billing and forecasting functions specifically for media and entertainment companies.
  • Enable users to access holistic billing, revenue forecasting and receivable management information from one source.
  • Provide user-friendly web services that enable and empower your infrastructure support team with any CRM, traffic and production systems, creating an integrated platform for all your media properties to be processed, analyzed and managed.

Addressing Challenges of Media Companies

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