Ad Sales Management

Media companies that sell advertising need an ad sales management system that will support sales automation, opportunity and sales forecasting by products and media as well as advertising/agency relationship management. DynamicsADvantage is CRM for ad sales offering all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM plus additional capabilities for multi level account structure to create opportunities and proposals which can be converted into orders and integrated into an ERP solution.

Sales Automation Capabilities

  • Sales automation (with Outlook integration) using Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology
  • Marketing, lead, opportunity, proposal and order process flow fully supporting ad sales campaigns within CRM
  • Approval workflows for accounts, opportunities and orders

Multi-platform Campaign Management

  • Account configuration to specific advertisers, agencies, primary contacts and their relationships. Full advertiser-agency relationship setting tracked at the opportunity, proposal and order level
  • Multi-platform campaign creation, starting with opportunities and allowing the users to track proposals and create orders with all property and product details associated to them
  • Sales executive split at both the opportunity/order and the Product level, enabling forecasting and commissions reporting
  • Full rate card configurations for all media services and types
  • Clone campaigns with and without product details
  • Configuration to handle subscription renewals using clone functionality
  • Copy product lines functionality, allowing the user to select the number of lines to be created (for digital/broadcast services) or the number of issues to replicate (for print)

Revenue Forecasting

  • Revenue allocation to provide pipeline and revenue forecasting by sales rep, property and period
  • Configuration of fiscal periods for forecasting purposes, link to media issue dates to automatically allocate revenue based on the fiscal period linked to each issue
  • Year over year comparison reporting available through historical snapshots so data can be reported.

Integration to ERP Solution

  • Native integration of approved accounts and campaigns to our DynamicsADvantage ERP solution.
  • Campaign management (adjustments, cancellations) also integrated from CRM to ERP solution
  • Collections and credit-related data integrated back to CRM to provide sales teams with accurate customer data

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