Media Campaign Management for ERP

Publishers, cable, broadcasting and online media companies that sell advertising, events and subscription products have seen significant changes in the market with an emphasis on digital media. Leading organizations have merged, consolidated and modified their revenue streams and business models to accommodate new media, customer preferences and challenges. Our DynamicsADvantage solution works within Microsoft Dynamics to provide campaign management from creation to collection.

Centralized Ad Campaign Management

  • Campaign creation and campaign adjustments automatically updating billing and revenue.
  • Tracking of multiple products and services, as well as all their media attributes.
  • Integration to ad servers/traffic servers to obtain delivery tracking.
  • Integration with tax management systems
  • Multi entity management enabled for Dynamics GP
  • Revenue split functionality
  • Automatic rebill functionality

Multi-platform Campaigns

  • Bundle print, online, broadcasting, licensing and subscription services into a single campaign and invoice
  • Ability to handle independent revenue forecast and calculation per property, but bill all services in a single invoice
  • Revenue forecast by period for each property within a single campaign
  • Actuals/deliveries tracking at the product level, all within the same campaign, with each product line potentially having a different ad Server/traffic system source

Advertiser/Agency Relationship Tracking

  • Classification of customers as advertisers or agencies
  • Advertiser-agency relationship record, tracked all the way to the Receivables and collections module
  • Aging by Agency, by Advertiser and by the relationship record

Independent Billing & Revenue Processing

  • Billing at the campaign level and revenue recognition at the campaign line level executed independently
  • Integrated automatically to General Ledger and Receivable modules in Dynamics GP
  • Multiple billing options to choose from
  • Multiple revenue allocation calculation options to be setup by media property and/or product

Campaign Forecasting

  • Multi-level revenue forecasting by property, account, advertiser-agency relationship, product and account executive
  • Billing forecasting based on billing options selected for the campaign

Centralized AR and Accounting Functions

  • Bill to customer change option, providing the user the ability to Change the bill to for a campaign
  • Automatic rebill functionality
  • Multiple aging options by property/publication, sales executive, Agency and advertiser, among others
  • Manage deposits/prepayments at the campaign level

Digital Actuals Tracking

  • Online actuals delivery tracking from multiple production and ad server systems, which can be used to trigger billing and revenue from the same Ad server or different ones (third party ad servers)

Enhanced Reporting

  • Out of the box revenue reconciliation reports, run sheet reports, revenue forecast reports and aging reports
  • Easy to configure invoice formats and statements
  • User-driven reporting tools available with all Campaigns data available in a user-friendly interface


Addressing the Digital Challenge

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