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The proliferation of digital media has brought countless complexities to the media supply chain. For companies operating in the media and entertainment space, these new content and delivery channels create significant challenges around resource and asset management. Organizations that maintain outdated or inflexible business management systems may find themselves struggling to adapt to new ways of doing business and facing eroding operating margins. To remain competitive, media companies must look for ways to take advantage of economies of scale while preserving their ability to differentiate themselves through innovative new products and services. Business management systems that are optimized for creation, delivery, and management of digital content are critical to improving collaboration and efficiency, gaining visibility, and meeting customers’ expectations.

As a global supply chain management solution, Microsoft Dynamics helps media and entertainment companies:

  • Provide better management of job cost and profitability. With rich out-of-the-box reports and business intelligent (BI) tools, Microsoft Dynamics  offers a wide range of capabilities that help organizations manage projects and jobs more efficiently.
  • Manage resources more effectively. The ability for companies to view and manage resources—such as facilities, talent, and production crews—is crucial to the success of operations. By using Microsoft Dynamics, employees have the ability to schedule and plan company resources against the tasks or work orders at hand.
  • Create, manage, and deliver content on time and on budget. By using Microsoft Dynamics, media and entertainment companies take advantage of rich enterprise resource planning (ERP) best practices. These best practices help companies manage the media supply chain, giving them visibility into many different media tasks and processes and providing them with real-time information when resource conflicts occur.
  • Foster better relationships. With Microsoft Dynamics, companies have complete relationship management capabilities for both vendor and customer relationships. These tools help manage and track progress on orders and include a view into outsourced services and vendors, providing employees with the visibility they need to manage customer and supplier expectations.


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