Predictive and Data Analytics

With the media industry’s changing landscape, publishers and broadcasters need the best data analytics and predictive tools. Advertisers are not only looking to develop campaigns for their products but to work with agencies who take a more consultative approach that will bring the best possible return on investment. To accomplish this, data analytics becomes a critical tool to provide advertisers and clients with the proper targeting, trends and information that show  them the results of their campaigns. DynamicsADvantage Analytics and Predictive services uses the power of Azure ML and Power BI to provide the best tools available to accurately gather, dissect and analyze historical campaigns, industry data, all using a single user-friendly platform.

Data Analytics Services – Power BI

  • Real time connection to your CRM and ERP data to generate dashboards and views using Power BI
  • DynamicsADvantage BI Dashboards including: Revenue forecasting by property and period, revenue amounts by advertiser, property type and product
  • Opportunities by probability of closing
  • Total amount spent by advertiser or by industry, with filters by property and period
  • Flexibility to create your own views and dashboards using integrated data from your CRM, ERP and even production servers data

Data Predictive Services – Azure ML

  • Predictive models based on all campaign history gathered in your CRM and ERP solutions
  • Predictive objects embedded at the account level in DynamicsADvantage for CRM to provide sales teams with data insights around most probable media type (print/online/broadcast/event) the account will buy, as well as suggested price by property and product.

Power BI for Office 365